Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are automatically calculated by our website based on the customer's location and selected shipping method, and may differ from the actual cost of shipping. Shipping charges processed through our website are final and will not be adjusted. If you have any questions about your shipping charge please contact us prior to placing your order.


Free Shipping

Free shipping is only available to Hawaii addresses for qualifying orders of $99 and over. Some items may not be eligible for free shipping. If we are not able to offer you free shipping, you will be notified after the order is received.

For shipping addresses outside of Hawaii, we ask that you select a shipping method during checkout. If one is not selected, we will refund your purchase and contact you.

The free shipping method is determined by Easy Music Center. If you have any shipping limitations (P.O. Box, has to be Fedex, etc.), please mention it in the notes of your order. We will try to accommodate your needs, but if the method you choose incurs a larger cost than our normal free shipping method (USPS priority or ground), we will contact you about an up-charge.